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Well howdy look it’s the romantic interest

Well howdy look it’s the romantic interest

Okay…sometimes it’s hard to keep track about Alby’s bandages…

so just putting this here so I can clear it all up

If she is facing you there are two bandages on her left arm, one right below her dress sleeve and one on her wrist

On her right arm, two bandages are above her wrist  and one little one is around her ring finger

I have totally messed that up somewhere but if you notice it SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *pats your head* don’t say anything

More clips of progress MY HANDS ARE BLEEDING

More Backgrounds

Cafe scene color first pass

Actually kind of proud of this one

Ghoul Mart backgrounds

The products are hard to make out but if your curious they are Eyeball Juice, Blood Packs (currently A is on sale), brains, frozen meal brains,baby fingers, Iced Blood, Spider Eye Cola, and Tear Bags (tea bag…get it)

and MILK as well.




Some colored backgrounds and stuff.

Color for the candle shot